You are always in traffic on weekdays.

Having forgotten how comfortable nature’s flowers and trees are,

Trees germinate and the wind travels.

The lake is rippling and the grass is flourishing.

Aug 18th, Changchun Jingyuetan,

Let’s go on a journey to get close to nature.

Changchun Jingyuetan Forest MTB Marathon 2019 is opening,

Recently, many contestants have telephoned to consult about accommodation.

In order to facilitate competitors to come to Changchun to participate in the competition,

we selected three hotels for you.

A total of 60 rooms have been reserved.

The quota is limited. Please sign up quickly.



Address: 1777 Yongshun Road, Jingyue DistrictPrice: CNY 720 net ( 2 Breakfast ).

2.长春华友开元名都酒店New Century Hotel

Address: No.7777, Nanhuancheng Road, Jingyue District Eco-Plaza (near Eco-Plaza)
Price: CNY 560 net .( 2 Breakfast).

3.净月潭锦江之星品尚酒店Jingjiang Inn

Address: Junction of Jingyue Street and Senyang Road in Jingyue DistrictPrice 400RMB ( Including Double Breakfast).


Thank you for all your support!
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