A new sports drink “ANYTIME” occurs this summer!

Sports are not only for physical health, but also a popular lifestyle. Jogging, running, yoga, ball game…more and more people are getting their pieces of time to do some exercise.
The drinks in the market now pursue either the good taste or extreme sport. While we should choose the suitable drinks based on different situation.

Sport is a kind of attitude to life.
Whenever and wherever, have fun!
Dont worry about time-limit, actions are not professional or the plan cannot be achieved timely. Take it easy!
Your body and the world can be more beautiful!
ANYTIME, a new generation of herbal sports drinks!

Based on deeply understanding of the youths style and health, ANYTIME adds the changbai mountain red ginseng and grape seed extracts into mineral water, increases the oxygen carrying capacity, and can help to relieve the fatigue after sports. ANYTIME provides you 3 kinds drinks as the energy you lost,

Today – daily drink when walking, running, yoga, etc.
Tomorrow – mid-distance swimming, running or other sports.
Everyday – long distance running, heavy training, boxing, etc.

We are special:Rich red ginseng, grape seed essence, dietary fiber in ANYTIM

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