Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Mountain Bike Marathon is a competition created by NordicWays Vasa. This mountain bike competition is a race following the rules of UCI (Union Cyclist International). Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Mountain Bike Marathon will now be held for the fifth time after a successful start already the first year.
Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park is one of the most beautiful national scenic spots in Changchun, and during August, the air is traditionally fresh and cool. The concept of this race is a combination of healthy sport, leisure time, competition and exciting cycling in a beautiful environment. Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Mountain Biking Marathon is a celebration of all the participants. Let the music, singing and cheering follow you around the track and have a pleasant time on your MTB.

  1. Start Time:
    August 18th 2019
    08:30 60km start
    08:40 30km start
  2. Race Type:
    Mountain Bike Marathon
    60 kilometers and 30 kilometers
  3. Track:
    1 or 2 laps. 30km or 60km. A mix of forest and road biking, suitable for everyone with a mix of easy road cycling and more challenging single tracks.
  4. Qualification:
    1. Chinese participants are required to provide valid information such as Name, Gender, ID, Birth Date and Native Place same as the ones of the permanent residence booklet.
      Non-Chinese participants are required to provide valid information such as Name, Gender, ID, and Nationality same as the ones printed in their valid passports.
    2. Participants must be in the age of 16-60 years old (born after August 18th 1959, before August 18th, 2003), Changchun Jingyuetan Forest MTB Marathon is a mountainbike challenge with timing via electronic chip for non-professional and recreational athletes.
    3. Participants should be engaged in bicycle exercise, and must have a good physical health conditioning for this race. Must have minimum vision impairment, in audition no signs of disease. Participants should not display any symptoms such as the following: fever, cold, heart attack, hypertension, myocardial infarction and/or cerebral thrombosis. Participants should also be mentally healthy and emotionally stable. Participants should not be taking any drinks, foods or drugs which will affect their mental ability and awareness. The organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify any of the participants.
      (1) Participants are required to be in proper and healthy condition and will sign a statement – see below – saying so upon collecting the number bib at the event’s race office. Nordic Ways declines all liability if health problems are experienced during the event.
      (2) Participants need to sign the “Legal Liability Exemption and Waiver of Rights”, you can download it from the official website ( and print it out. Please sign it and then you can hand it in at the competition office. Also you can pick up and sign the form at the competition office.
      (3) Nordic Ways will purchase insurances for the registered athletes until five days before the start of the Changchun Jingyuetan Forest MTB Marathon, based on the correct information provided. Hence, participants are required to fill in the necessary information in correct fashion. Otherwise, they are personally responsible for any risk or injury occurred during the event.
      (4) As of XX DATE 2019, people who still wish to sign up for the competition are required to arrange their own insurance cover.
      (5) Registered participants who obtain injury or any other health hazard during the event shall follow the official insurance procedure. Nordic Ways will not pay the medical treatment fee in advance.
    4. There is no limitation of gender or nationality of the participant.
    5. Every participant can only sign up for one race distance.
    6. People who are currently professional athletes may not take part in this race. A professional biker is a person who features on the official team roster of a UCI licensed ELITE MTB team, UCI MTB team, or roadbike UCI ProTour, Pro Continental or Continental team. The team rosters and names of riders are available on the website of the UCI, the International Cycling Federation. There can therefore be no discussion. Top amateur riders who are hired as occasional guestriders for any of the aforementioned team categories are not considered professionals. In addition, athletes registered to the Chinese Cycling Association can not take part in this competition.
    7. Groups and Ages.
      Group Sex Date of birth
      60km Male Before Aug.18th 2003
      30km Male Before Aug.18th 2003
  5. Notes for Application
    1. Time for Application:
      ① Online Application Time:today – August 8th, 2019
      ② APP Application:
      ③ Mobile Application for Group Participants:
      Mobile Contact Information:Gloria 0431-88846140 / 18946562760

      1. A successful application is registered when you have paid the application fee. It is considered an invalid registration if you haven’t paid before the registration deadline.
      2. For this competition, the minimum age for participate is 16 years old.
    2. Application Fee
      Category Early Bird Regular Bird
      Men/Women, 60km 200 CNY 240 CNY
      Men/Women, 30km 120 CNY 160 CNY
      Early Bird – up until July 31st 2019
      Regular Bird – start from August 1st 2019

      The fee includes insurance for the competition, water and sportsdrink, competition bag including a lot of gifts, memorial medal.
      (1) Wearing a helmet is mandatory for each participant in the MTB event.
      Mountainbikers are personally responsible to ensure their bikes and equipment are fit for the task, including the rental bike of choice.
      (2) Only leg power is allowed. Any kind of automatic or mechanic aids are disallowed. Footpeg, lock, etc. shall all be removed before the start of the event. Nordic Ways staff preserves the right to check participants’ bicycles at any time during the event if there is a suspicion of sporting fraud
      (3) Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines, which are posted on the website. If anything is unclear, please address your question to a Nordic Ways staff or to

    3. Opening hours for picking up your participant bag is:
      August 17th 09:00-20:00
      Place:Competition office is located east of the Main Gate of Changchun Jingyuetan Park.
      You need to sign in and get your bag with your documents (same as the ones for your application).
      Competition Bag:One-time timing chip, number bib, number tag, leg stick, competition brochure, memorial clothing for this competition, and souvenirs.
    4. Pay Attention:
      Please read “Competition Rules and Procedures” and “Legal Liability Exemption and Waiver of Rights” before the competition. The participants need to sign “Legal Liability Exemption and Waiver of Rights”in advance.
    5. Timing:The competition uses one-time timing chip. This chip comes along with its instructions in the competition bag. Please check it and read the instruction carefully. Report any problems before you start the race.
    6. Supervision and Report:
      From August 8th to August 15th the official website will display the competitor list. This list will be monitored and Participants qualified for the competition will be doublechecked by the Cycling Association of China on August 26th. If they are found to be professional bikers according to the regulation mentioned above, they will be disqualified. If you are disqualified your application fee is forfeit. For more questions please E-mail:
  6. Program:
    August 18th , 2019(Sunday)
    August 18th , 2019 (Sunday)

    07:00 Traffic Control

    07:25 Warm up show

    07:50 All athletes are checked out and enter the departure area.

    07:55 Opening Ceremony of Changchun Jingyuetan International Forest MTB Marathon

    08:00 60km start

    08:10 30km start

    09:30 30km Award Ceremony (Time can be fine-tuned according to the scene)

    10:00 Live Music Party

    11:00 60km Award Ceremony (Time can be fine-tuned according to the scene)

    11:00 Closing Time of 30km MTB Race

    13:00 Closing Time of 60km MTB Race

  7. Competition Rules:
    1. Rules:
      ① The competition will run according to the latest rules approved by the Cycling Association of China.
      ② During the race, if there are any violations, the referee committee will punish the participant according to the latest regulation.
      ③ Force majeure Nordic Ways and/or the local organization committee is authorized to shorten race distances or cancel the event due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances that jeopardize the security of the event or the safety of its participants
      ④ Any mishaps caused by participants due tonot reading the race regulations means the relevant participant will bare all responsibility.
    2. Start and Closing Time:
      ① Please wear the helmet, number bib, and number tag on the bike. Please inspect your equipment according to the rules. If you fail to do this it may result in disqualification.
      ② 5 minutes before the race. Please listen to the referees and prepare for start
      ③ There are no starting blocks.
      ④ Cut-off time for 60km is 13:30, which is 5 hours after the start. The cut-off time for 30km is 11:30, which is 3 hours after the start
    3. Equipment Requirements:
      ① Bicycle for Competition:

      1. The competitors should bring along their own equipment. All equipment must be self-propelled.
      2. Bicycles for the competition should be approximately 26 inch to 29 inch mountain bike.
      3. The tires should be 1.75 and above mountain treaded tire, you can not use slicks.
      4. You can use the soft or hard suspension.
      5. Front and rear wheels must have good brakes.

      ② Equipment of Contestant:

      1. You should wear a timing chip, number tag, number bib, leg stick and riding clothes.
      2. Contestants must wear helmets. No helmet, No start!
      3. You can wear glasses, watches and things deemed safe. Bringing insecure objects are not allowed. These things include but are not limited to wine bottles, glass container, and music player.

    60 km MEN 10000 CNY + Trophy 6000 CNY + Trophy 4000 CNY + Trophy 1000 CNY + Medal 800 CNY + Medal 500 CNY + Medal Medal +Prize
    WOMEN 6000 CNY +Trophy 4000 CNY +Trophy 2000 CNY +Trophy 800 CNY + Medal 500 CNY + Medal 300 CNY + Medal Medal + Prize
    MEN 45+ Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize
    WOMEN 45+ Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize
    30 km MEN 1000 CNY +Trophy 700 CNY + Trophy 500 CNY + Trophy 400 CNY + Medal 300 CNY + Medal 200 CNY + Medal Medal + Prize
    WOMEN 800 CNY + Trophy 500 CNY + Trophy 400 CNY + Medal 300 CNY + Medal 200 CNY + Medal 200 CNY + Medal Medal + Prize
    MEN 45+ Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize
    WOMEN 45+ Medal + Prize Medal + Prize Medal + Prize
  9. Other Information:
    1. Contestants need to prepare their bicycle for competition and all their, gear by themselves, You also need to bring your own helmet.. You must wear the number bib when you queue for the start. The referees preserve the right to disqualify anyone not meeting these requirements
    2. No cheating, deliberately obstructing others or fighting, This will also lead to disqualification.
    3. The electronic timing device is the priority device for the production of the race results, artificial timing is the auxiliary pole.
    4. You should bring tires and tools for mending flat tires by yourself.
    5. The Chief Judge will be appointed by the Cycling Association of China. The competition will be run according to the Associations latest rules .
    6. In the case of harsh weather conditions the referees have the power decrease or increase the number of riders in a group. Thing may be altered to ensure a safe smooth completion of the race. Please make sure to pay attention to all announcements and notices.
    7. Please make sure to stay updated via our website, and weibo. Also make sure to keep your phone at hand. We may try to contact you with any relevant information.
  10. Refund Policy
    1. Please send email regarding the cancellation & mention the refund request to,organizing committee will refund your original payment channel within 15 working days.
    2. The following information was needed in the email: the participant name, passport number, telephone number, category,payment information.
    3. Applying for refund before July 1st 2019: 50% of the fee will be refunded to the canceled participants.
    4. On and after July 1st, 2019: no refund application for the event will be accepted by the organizing committee.
    5. Refund for medical reasons: 50% of the fee will be refunded at all times before July 1st, 2019. No refund request will be accepted on and after July 1st, 2019.
    6. The registration cannot be transferred.
    7. If you want to change your distance,please send email to, On and after July 1st, 2019,change Category must pay 20% of registration fee.