The weather was cool today and participants started the race with fresh air. The fantastic forest appeals to all riders. Denis, last years male champion, took his place at the front early on. Beside him, Yu Guangwei and Zeng Qingyun, two Chinese famous amateur riders, were ready to fight for the title. Denis was the favorite of the race while Yu and Zeng were strong challengers. From the beginning, their teamwork gained a great advantage. Denis falled behind when entering the forest slope. Another Chinese rider, Zheng Yaoxing followed Yu and Zeng. After the 1st lap, Yu dominated the race and kept ahead until the very end. Zheng won the 2nd place, 3 seconds faster than Zeng. Lin Xi got the 4th. Denis won the 6th after suffering cramps. In the female race, Wang Xueli, female champion of last year, defended her title by a landslide. Yu Guangdong and Song Kaili won the 2nd and 3rd place. The Chinese riders ruled Jingyuetan Fo rest MTB Marathon this year!


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