Only 1 day left beofre Jingyuetan Forest MTB Marathon. Welcome to everyone and thanks for the strong support of you.

Before race:
①On the race day,

the park will be traffic control area. Every participant should enter the park at a reasonable hour.

07:45 Warm up show

08:00 Opening Ceremony

08:30 60km start

08:40 30km start

10:30-13:00 Music and Award Party

10:40 30km close

13:30 60km close

②Bibs must be with riders and plates with bikes. Show the entrance sticker to the gurader.
③For your correct result, please attach your bibs, plates and chips right, chip on the left side of the helmet, bibs on both sides of waist and plate below the handlebar. No shelter before your race number.
④Any question, please call 133 6447 5087 for help. The office phone may be unanswered.
⑤Free clothing deposit. Attention: dont deposit any valuable.
⑥Taking your ability into account, please wait for start at your zone on time.
locations of race office, clothing deposits, please check the Arena map.

During race:
Both long and short distance should follow RED track signs. Short = 1 lap. long = 2 laps.

After race:

The OC will have a dispute processing service after race. Then the final results and certificates will be available at official website

Hope all participants have fun at this weekend!
Thanks again for the strong support of relevant governments, our sponsors and partners!

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